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Licence requirements

You will need to provide your legal name, birth date, phone number and address to get a fishing licence

Get a licence

Licence fees

  Season 6 Day 1 Day
Yukon/Alaska* Resident $15 n/a n/a
Canadian Resident $25 $15 $10
Non-Resident alien $35 $20 $10
Senior Yukon Resident (65+) Free n/a n/a
Youth (Under 16) Free n/a n/a
First Nation or Inuvialuit Free n/a n/a

* Alaska residents must produce a current Alaska Resident Sport Fishing Licence and government-issued photo identification to qualify for this rate.

What does a licence cover?

Licences are valid April 1 to March 31. You can fish in Yukon waters for most species, including landlocked kokanee salmon. Other types of salmon are not covered by this licence.

Fishing for salmon other than kokanee

You also need a Yukon Salmon Conservation Catch Card. These are valid April 1 to November 30.

Using a dip net or set line

You also need a sport fishing licence. See the Yukon Fishing Regulations Summary for more details.

Fishing in National Parks

You need a Parks Canada fishing licence.

Your responsibilities

Who needs a Yukon fishing licence?

Everyone needs a licence to fish except:

Special rules for young anglers

Replacing a licence

You must replace lost or destroyed licences.

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