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Yukon Fishing Regulations Summary 2017-18

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Important Changes for 2017-18

Changes to the Fishing Regulations come into effect April 1, 2017.

Fox Lake:

Studies show a depleted lake trout population in Fox Lake. Angler effort is high and has increased substantially in recent years, angling success is poor, and current harvest rates exceeds sustainable levels. New Conservation Water Regulations are intended to limit harvest to sustainable levels, protect large fish, and allow the population to begin recover.

Changes to Fishing Regulations:

See page 20-G in booklet.

Frenchman Lake and Twin Lakes (East Twin and West Twin):

Studies show that the lake trout populations in Frenchman and Twin Lakes are very depleted and angler success is very low. Any amount of lake trout harvest is unsustainable at these low levels. New regulations will help these populations recover and improve the fishery over time. Anglers are encouraged not to target lake trout in these lakes because even live release fishing can result in some fish dying.

Changes to Fishing Regulations:

See page 26-K in booklet.

Kusawa Lake added as a Conservation Water:

Recent studies of Kusawa Lake show a healthy lake trout population, but also provide early warning signs of the fishery tipping towards being unsustainable. New Conservation Water Regulations will ensure that while angling pressure increases, the harvest remains sustainable, large fish are protected, and quality angling opportunities remain.

Changes to Fishing Regulations:

See page 14 in booklet.

Environment Yukon will continue to monitor harvest and fish populations in all of these waters to understand how the populations change with revised regulations.


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