Yukon E-Charts for Boaters

Yukon E-Charts for Boaters is a 1:50,000 scale electronic chart product that depicts lakes, rivers, creeks, wetlands, roads and campgrounds in Yukon and adjacent British Columbia.

Part of Marsh Lake displayed on a LOWRANCE™ HDS10 model chartplotter.

These charts are based on the same information used to create Canada’s National Topographic Series (NTS) maps adapted for use by Environment Yukon's fisheries biologists and conservation officers. It has proven so useful to our field staff that we are making it available to the general public as a free download.

Chartplotter compatibility

LOWRANCE™ Elite and HDS series chartplotters can read our Yukon file. If you do not have one of these, refer to your chartplotter manufacturer for Yukon chart availability.

How do I use it?


Yukon E-Charts for Boaters was developed to provide an ancillary aid to marine navigation by facilitating the use of National Topographic System (NTS) maps for boating - not to replace such maps. Only NTS maps contain all information needed for safe navigation. The user is responsible for the prudent use of this product.

No warranty or support is offered.

For more information: maps@environmentyukon.ca

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