Data Owned by Other Agencies

The following data were compiled by Environment Yukon from paper and digital sources owned by other agencies. Environment Yukon is not responsible for the accuracy of data obtained from other agencies. The data are packaged ESRI Shapefile, File Geodatabase, and Google Earth KML formats. GIS software is needed to view shapefiles and geodatabases.

Administrative Boundaries

Parks & Protected (Conservation) Areas

Areas which have been set aside for conservation management purposes. These areas include (but are not limited to) National Parks, Territorial Parks, and Special Management Areas established under the Yukon First Nation Final Agreement.
Last update: 2008-Nov-06.

Download: Parks_and_Protected_Areas

First Nations Traditional Territories

A Traditional Territory is an area of the Yukon that the people of a First Nation have traditionally used. A First Nation's Settlement Land fall inside the boundaries of its Traditional Territory. A First Nation does not own its Traditional Territory, but the First Nation and its benificiaries have a number of rights within their Traditional Territory, both on and off of Settlement Land.

Download : First Nations Traditional Territories