Department of Environment Spatial Data

Base or Framework Data

These datasets are created by the Department of Environment.

Yukon Digital Elevation Model

grayscale image of demA Digital Elevation Model (DEM) spanning the entire Yukon and a bit beyond in some places. It was interpolated from the digital 1:50,000 Planimetricly Corrected Canadian National Topographic Database contour and watercourse layers using 30 meter cells (aka pixels) and then resampled to 90 meters. For refinement and added quality we also incorporated ancillary data not part of the NTDB. (... more)

Download: CDED 50k

Shaded Relief Images

greyscale shaded relief imageAlso known as Sunshade or Hillshade images, shaded relief images are the most popular form of visually representing a DEM. Indeed many view a shaded relief image and mistakenly think they are seeing the DEM itself. A shaded relief image does not contain elevation values, rather each pixel's brightness value is an expression of it's reflectance (slope and aspect) relative to the light source (azimuth and zenith). Shaded relief is available for the entire territory in 30m and 90m versions. (... more)

Download: Yukon Shaded Relief

50k NTDB Errata

In the course of generating the Yukon DEM we encountered and fixed errors in the source 1:50,000 NTDB. A listing of these errors and what we did to fix them can be had by asking.