Environment Yukon Geomatics

The Yukon Department of Environment's geomatics unit (a subgroup within Information Management & Technology Section) is comprised of several components including information technology (software & hardware), geospatial data, and personnel. The program is responsible for the coordination of Department of Environment geomatics activities including technology acquisition and implementation, spatial data capture, creation and maintenance of a departmental spatial data repository, geomatics training and technical support, geospatial applications, and the development and maintenance of this website.

Products available on this website include:


Downloadable GIS data:

Downloadable data consists of administrative boundaries created by the Department of Environment for use in daily operations. These include such datasets as Game Management Areas, Outfitting Concessions, Parks and Protected Areas, and First Nations Settlement lands among other.


All of our public maps are available in the online map collection for download (PDF) or purchase (printed).



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