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Brochures and Booklets

 Animal Health
 Camping & Wilderness
 Climate Change
 Environmental Education
 Fish & Fishing


 Parks & Conservation Areas




 Wildlife Viewing


Camping & Wilderness


Guide to Yukon Government Campgrounds (bilingual) 

pdf184 KB
Information on campground facilities, camping permits and registration, campground rules, and camping in Tombstone Park.

campgrounds map thumbnail

Yukon Government Campgrounds Locations & Facilities Map
pdf4.2 MB

Map providing locations of Yukon Government Campgrounds along with a chart listing available facilities.

brochure "The Dempster Highway Travelogue" image thumbnail

The Dempster Highway Travelogue pdf5 MB

This travelogue highlights many of the features that make the region special. Includes maps, distinctive features of landscapes and life forms.

into the yukon wilderness thumbnail

Into the Yukon Wilderness pdf3 MB

What you need to know about traveling safely and gently through the Yukon Wilderness.

brochure "wilderness tourism licencing kit" thumbnail image Wilderness Tourism Licencing Kit pdf265 KB
(2003) A summary of the laws that apply to commercial wilderness tourism operators who wish to do business in the Yukon. Includes maps and reporting forms.
2010 RV Dump Stations in Yukon brochure cover

RV Dump Stations pdf990 KB
(2012) A map of locations and fees charged by RV dump stations in the Yukon for RV travelers.

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Climate Change


thumbnail physical impacts info sheet

Physical Impacts (of Climate Change) pdf176 KB
A single page describing the increased variability in precipitation and storms in the Yukon.

thumbnail ecological impacts info sheet

Ecological Impacts (of Climate Change) pdf212 KB
A single page describing some of the apparent ecological impacts climate change is having in the Yukon.

thumbnail impacts on people info sheet

Impacts on People (of Climate Change) pdf235 KB
A single page describing the impacts of climate change on people living in the Yukon.

See the Climate Change Adaptation Information Notes page to access information about the 14 different adaptation projects underway in Yukon. These one-page-long information notes help share knowledge and strategies regarding climate change adaptation in the North.

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Environmental Education

Check out our Resource Guides for Teachers page for more information on learning resource guides offered by Environment Yukon.


educator's guide to environment yukon thumbnail image

Educator's Guide to Environment Yukon pdf2 MB
An overview of the department's resources and services available to teachers. Also available in French.

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Fish & Fishing


Fishing Regulations Summary 2014-15 pdf4.8 MB

A summary of current fishing regulations and helpful information for anglers. Includes maps and illustrations of Yukon fish species. Also available in French and German.
thumbnail anglers guide

Angler' Guide to Stocked Lakes in Yukon pdf4.8 MB

(2014) A list of stocked lakes with descriptions of stocking histories and how to get there. Includes location maps and depth maps. Also available in French.

thumbnail image common parasites of yukon fish Common Parasites of Yukon Fresh Water Fishes pdf2 MB
(1993) A description of the eleven most common parasites of freshwater fish found in the Yukon. Includes colour photographs and information on the life cycle of these parasites.

Fishing on Yukon Time: a Guide to Fishing in Yukon pdf3 MB
Describes Yukon fish species and how to catch them, the nature and culture of Yukon fishing, best practices, and a map of Yukon fishing locations.

thumbnail image guide to yukon freshwater fishes

Yukon Freshwater Fishes pdf4.2 MB

(2010) A picture-filled introduction to the 38 freshwater fish species of Yukon. Short descriptions are accompanied by information on size, food, habitat, spawning behavior, life history and occasional fish facts. 

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hunting regulations cover Hunting Regulations Summary 2013-14 PDF File9.3 MB
Provides a summary of Yukon hunting regulations and helpful information about field dressing game.

Hunt Wisely: Bison PDF File569 KB
Provides information on how to ethically hunt bison, bison hunt seasons, and required permissions. Also available in French.

hunt wisely sheep thumbnail

Hunt Wisely: Selecting Legal Sheep PDF File217 KB
Provides information on how to select legal sheep when hunting.

thumbnail - bear bacon boot grease recipes

Yukon Bear Bacon and Boot Grease Recipes PDF File110 KB
(Reprinted 2009) A dozen recipes for cooking bear meat, how to render bear fat and other tips on using bear meat.

thumbnail hunting checklist

Basic Hunting Checklist PDF file11 KB
List of items to bring along on a hunting trip.

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First Nations Hunting

Cover of First Nations and Inuvialuit Hunting and Fishing in Yukon

First Nations and Inuvialuit Hunting and Fishing in Yukon PDF File 0.9 MB
Land claim agreements acknowledge the special relationship First Nations people have with fish and wildlife, and confirm their right to hunt and fish, primarily for food. This document summarizes the basics of Final Agreements and other documents related to fish and wildlife harvesting activities. 

image of aboriginal hunting and fishing booklet

Aboriginal Hunters - Hunting along the Dempster HighwayPDF File1.4 MB
Describes the rules for Hunting Along the Dempster Highway. Includes a map and information on laws that apply to all Hunters on the Dempster Highway.

image of Gwichin Tribal Council booklet on hunting the Dempster Highway

Gwich'in Tribal Council - Hunting Along Dempster Highway PDF File1.6 MB - Describes rights and responsibilities for Tetlit Gwich’in beneficiaries of the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement and for beneficiaries of the Land Claim Agreement who and are not Tetlit Gwich’in. Includes a map and information on laws that apply to all caribou Hunters on the Dempster Highway.

image of inuvialuit hunting rights and responsibilities booklet

Inuvialuit - Hunting Along Dempster Highway PDF File1.2 MB
Describes rights and responsibilities for beneficiaries of the
Inuvialuit Final Agreement. Includes a map and information on laws that apply to all caribou Hunters on the Dempster Highway.

image of nacho nyak dun hunting booklet

Nacho Nyak Dun - Hunting Along Dempster Highway PDF File1.5 MB
Describes rights and responsibilities for beneficiaries of the
First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun. Includes a map and information on laws that apply to all caribou Hunters on the Dempster Highway.

image of trondek hwechin hunting rights and responsibilties booklet

Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in - Hunting Along Dempster Highway PDF File 1.5 MB
Describes rights and responsibilities for beneficiaries of the
of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in. Includes a map and information on laws that apply to all caribou Hunters on the Dempster Highway.

image of trondek hwechin hunting rights and responsibilities booklet

Vuntut Gwitchin - Hunting Along Dempster Highway PDF File395 KB
Describes rights and responsibilities for beneficiaries of the
of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation. Includes a map and information on laws that apply to all caribou Hunters on the Dempster Highway.

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Parks and Conservation Areas  


New Parks North Newsletter

New Parks North newsletters

An annual progress report on natural and cultural heritage initiatives in Northern Canada.

New Parks North 2013 pdf icon2.8 MB

New Parks North 2012 pdf icon4.3 MB

New Parks North 2011 pdf icon3.2 MB

Coal River Springs brochure

A Guide to Coal River Springs Territorial Park pdf2.5 MB

A description of the flora and fauna and natural history of Coal River Springs Territorial Park.

Cover of Herschel Island - Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park brochure

A Guide to Herschel Island - Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park pdf1 MB
This brochure highlights what the history of the park and its significance to the Inuvialuit, how to get there and what to do.

Herschel Island - Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park Map pdf1.8 MB

Ni’iinlii Njik (Fishing Branch) Brochure

A Guide to Ni’iinlii Njik (Fishing Branch) Territorial
pdf1 MB

A description of Ni’iinlii Njik's significance to the Gwich'in, activities and wildlife.

Ni’iinlii Njik (Fishing Branch) Territorial Park Map pdf2.8 MB

tombstone brochure thumbnail

A Guide to Tombstone Territorial Park pdf1.8 MB
A description of Tombstone Park’s facilities and activities.

Tombstone Territorial Park Map PDF File2 MB

Northern Parks thumbnail

North Yukon's Great Wilderness Parks PDF File1.5 MB
A 12-page-long booklet with detailed information about the two national and three territorial parks in Yukon's north.

Wolf Creek Trail PDF File530 KB

This brochure describes the points of interest along the Wolf Creek Trail, an hour-long route that starts at the Wolf Creek Campground.

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Yukon Trapping Regulations Summary 2013-14 pdf document icon1.50 MB Provides a summary of Yukon trapping regulations as well as information of interest to trappers.

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Guide cover best management practices for works affecting water in Yukon

Best management practices for works affecting water in Yukon pdf document icon4 MB
This guide provides Yukon-specific best management practices that prescribe practical work-site guidelines that will help planners and developers protect water resources and comply with water regulations.

Information Bulletin - camps & lodges

Information Bulletin: Approvals required for a camp or lodge sewage disposal system pdf document icon26 KB

This information bulletin is intended to clarify when a camp or lodge facility will require either a water licence or a sewage disposal permit(s).

Yukon Water - Climate Change summary report

Yukon Water: A Summary of Climate Change Vulnerabilities
pdf document icon 3.1 MB
This document is the summary of the full report, Yukon Water: An Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerabilities, which is available on our Reports page.

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Animal Health


Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) Fact Sheet
pdf icon420 KB

Information about PED and its prevention.


Poultry Health Handbook

pdf icon853 KB

Targeted to Yukon farmers, this handbook outlines biosecurity practices, health tips, food safety, good slaughter practices and diseases related to poultry.

Comments on the proposed changes to the Animal Health Act

Comments on proposed changes to the Animal Health Act
pdf icon
463 KB

(August 2013) A summary of the public review held April/May 2013. The modernized act will enable a more comprehensive response to animal diseases in both livestock and wildlife as well as support food security and the protection of public health. Visit the Animal Health Act public review webpage for more information.

Animal Health in Yukon Discussion Document

Animal Health in Yukon: Proposed Changes to the Animal Health Act pdf icon250 KB

(March 2013) This discussion document sets out proposed changes designed to help the Government of Yukon better respond to the full range of health threats involving wild and domestic animals.

Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) Fact Sheet pdf icon442 KB

Information on how to avoid EIA, symptoms, transmission, testing, regulation and control.

Preventing Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Fact Sheet

pdf icon544 KB

Information on CWD and its prevention.


Rabies Risk Management Guidelines

Yukon Rabies Risk Management Guidelines PDF File1.4 MB
These guidelines summarize the roles, responsibilities and processes followed by the Yukon Rabies Risk Management team. The goal is to prevent the acquisition of human rabies by assessing the risk of rabies from animal exposure and to make informed prevention, treatment and communication decisions.

hantivirus brochure cover

Protecting yourself & your family from Hantavirus PDF File124 KB
Learn how to protect yourself from Hantavirus, a rare but serious life threatening illness believed to be caused by breathing in the virus carried by airborne particles of rodent urine, droppings or saliva.

Thumbnail cover of Diseases you can get from Wildlife brochure Diseases you can get from Wildlife pdf document icon2.5 MB
Safety tips, general information on safe field dressing, information on diseases and how to protect yourself.

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Cover of Yukon Amphibians Booklet

Yukon Amphibians pdf4 MB
Describes five amphibian species present in the Yukon and northern British Columbia. Includes illustrations, maps and colour photos.

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Bad One-Way Door brochure cover

Bat One-Way Door pdf1 MB
Diagram for allowing bats to exit buildings but preventing their re-entry. View Yukon Bats or contact Environment Yukon for important tips on how and when to respectfully evict bats.

Yukon Bats Booklet Thumbnail

Yukon Bats pdf1.9 MB
Describes three species present in Yukon and others nearby. Addresses common misconceptions, current research, viewing tips, health concerns and how to evict bats from buildings. Includes illustrations, maps and colour photos.

Yukon Bat Nursery House Brochure cover

Yukon Bat Nursery House pdf212 KB
Diagram for construction of a bat house for Little Brown Bats in cold climates. View Yukon Bats or contact Environment Yukon for mounting instructions and tips on evicting and attacting bats.

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How you can stay safe in bear country pdf icon1.2 MB
Presents a new approach for understanding bears and offers practical advice on how you can stay safe in Bear Country. Also available in French and German.

Cover of booklet

Guidelines for Industrial Activity in Bear Country pdf1.3 MB (2009) Guidelines developed for industries that operate in Yukon's backcountry, e.g. mineral exploration, wilderness tourism. Best practices for minimizing disturbance to bears and their habitat and for preventing and handling bear encounters.

Proponents Guide Proponent's Guide: Assessing and Mitigating the Risk of Human-Bear Encounters pdf document icon2 MB
(2012) It is critical to minimize the risk of even mild human-bear encounters because they can escalate to serious encounters in the future. Use this guide when applying for Quartz Mining Land Use permits.
Vear Viewing Brochure cover

Bear Viewing pdf 0.4 MB
Describes the concerns around roadside bear viewing and provides tips on the right way to do it. Includes illustrations. Also available in German.

Bear Aware Colouring Book Cover

Be Bear Aware-Colouring Book pdf 0.3 MB
A children's guide to bear safety with pictures to colour and rules to remember. Includes artwork by Chris Caldwell.

Be Bear Aware brochure cover

Be Bear Aware pdf0.9 MB
Contains same text and illustrations as colouring book, but in brochure format, more suited to older audiences.

Kee bears wild and alive cover

How to Keep Bears out of your Yard - Garbage Kills Bears
pdf 0.1 MB

Steps you can take to make sure bears are not attracted to your home or property. Also available in French.

Keep Dawson City Bears Wild & Alive Thumbnail Image

Keep Dawson City Bears Wild & Alive pdf 920 KB
A guide for Dawson residents on how to manage bear attractants and prevent bears from becoming food habituated and conditioned.

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Attracting winter birds cover

Attracting Winter Birds pdf0.9 MB
How to attract winter birds to your yard and feeder.

Birders checklist cover

Birders Checklist - Faro/ Ross River Region pdf5 MB

A checklist of the 160 bird species observed in the Faro/Ross River region. Also available in French and German.

birds of herschel island cover

Birds of Herschel Island pdf690 KB
A checklist of bird species observed at Hershel Island Natural Environment Park. Produced by the Yukon Bird Club and distributed by Environment Yukon.

Birds of Tombstone cover

Birds of Tombstone Territorial Park pdf 0.8 MB
A checklist of bird species observed at Tombstone Territorial Park. Produced by the Yukon Bird Club and distributed by Environment Yukon.

Checklist of Yukon Birds cover

Checklist of Yukon Birds pdf0.9 MB
A checklist of the 284 species of birds observed in the Yukon. Co-produced by the Yukon Bird Club and Environment Yukon. Also available in French.

Checklist of Birds of Whitehorse Thumbnail

Checklist of the Birds of Whitehorse, Yukon PDF 1.5 MB
A list of the 264 bird species documented in the Whitehorse area and their seasonal pattern. Includes small map of the area.

Dawson Bird Checklist Thumbnail

Checklist of the Birds of Dawson, Yukon PDF1.2 MB
The fist edition of a list of 154 bird species documented in the Dawson area including their seasonal patterns.

Home for a song cover

Home for a Song - building a bird house pdf0.1 MB
Plans and instructions for building and placing a various bird nesting boxes.

Spring birds at swan haven cover

Spring Birds at Swan Haven pdf2 MB
Descriptions of waterfowl species observed at Swan Haven on the Yukon River and common sighting periods. Includes illustrations.

Swan Haven brochure cover

Swan Haven pdf0.6 MB
A description of the Swan Haven waterfowl viewing site and the history of the interpretive centre. Includes map and illustrations.

10 great placed to go birding in Whitehorse cover

Ten Great Places to Go Birding in Whitehorse pdf2 MB
Directions to and birding features of ten birding locations the Whitehorse area. Produced by the Yukon Bird Club and distributed by Environment Yukon.

Prevent window strikes cover

Preventing Window Strikes: Peregrine Falcon Silhouette pdf 153 KB
Cut out silhouette and tape or glue to outside of window to help prevent songbird injury by window strikes

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Wood Bison Banter Winter 2010 Cover

Wood Bison Banter

A newsletter highlighting current news and rules, published periodically on behalf of the Yukon Wood Bison Technical Team.

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Flying in Caribou Country Booklet Cover Thumbnail

Flying in Caribou Country PDF File897 KB
Studies show that caribou are sensitive to low-altitude overhead flights. This brochure provides valuable information on how to minimize caribou disturbance from aircraft

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Coyote, Fox, & Wolf


thumbnail image - urban wildlife wildl and alive pamphlet

Keep Urban Wildlife Wild and Alive pdf1.4 MB
Urban environments provide good habitat for many species of wildlife – including coyotes, foxes and even wolves. Find out what you can do to prevent unwanted visitors to your yard and how to handle any encounters you or your pets may have with urban canids.

managing attractants coyotes, wolves & foxes cover

Check list: keep coyotes, wolves & foxes away from your home PDF File84 KB
Information on keeping coyotes, wolves and foxes wild and alive by managing your attractants.

what to do when coyotes, wolves approach

What to do when coyotes and wolves come to your place
for lunch
PDF File76 KB
Information on what to do if you are approached by a coyote or wolf. Include tips on how to prevent coyote and wolf encounters.

When acts of kindness can be bad for animals cover

When acts of kindness can be bad for wildlife PDF File58 KB
Information on the importance of not feeding foxes and coyotes.

Feeding wildlife can be dangerous cover

Feeding wildlife can be dangerous PDF File101 KB
Information on why feeding wildlife can be a danger to your family, pets, neighbors, and the animal itself.

protecting pets from wildlife

How to protect wildlife from your pets and your pets from wildlife PDF File57 KB
Information on the negative affects of pet and wildlife interactions and tips on protecting your pets from wildlife.

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Yukon Butterflies brochure thumbnail

Yukon Butterflies pdf document icon2.5 MB
A pocket guide to viewing and identifying Yukon's 90+ butterfly species. Includes colour photos, size, flight pattern, foodplants, and habitat.

Yukon Garden Insects Thumbnail

Yukon Garden Insects pdf1.6 MB
An 8-page pamphlet to help the Yukon gardener determine if an insect is a friend or a foe. Includes simple sketches.

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informational booklet "Mammal Series" image thumbnail

Yukon Mammal Series Information Booklet PDF File17.6 MB

Species information on Yukon mammals.

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Species at Risk

Species at risk booklet cover

Yukon Species at Risk 21 MB

Information on species assessed as at risk nationally that occur in Yukon.





Wildflowers cover

Common Yukon Roadside Wildflowers 2011 PDF5.2 MB
This 33-page booklet briefly describes 56 of the most common flowers you might find along Yukon's roads and highways. Full colour images and interesting information about each is also included.

yukon invaders

Yukon Invaders pdf1.6 MB
An pocket identification guide to help reduce the spread of invasive plants in Yukon.

Brochure cover - 6 most unwanted highway weeds in Yukon

6 Most Un-Wanted Highway-Weeds in Yukon pdf0.4 MB

A flier identifying which weeds should be removed and carefully disposed of to avoid seed spread

Flora of Herschel Island Territorial Park pdf0.2 MB

This pamphlet, published in 2004, describes the abundant flora of Herschel Island-Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park.

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Flying in Sheep Country Thumbnail

Flying in Sheep Country pdf1 MB
Describes how to minimize sheep disturbance from aircraft.

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Wildlife Viewing


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wildlife viewing guide thumbnail image

Yukon Wildlife Viewing Guide pdf3.4 MB
A guide to wildlife viewing and recreation sites along major Yukon highways. Includes maps and black and white photos. Also available in French and German.

For Children:

thumbnail - driving the fire belt: north klondike highway

Driving the Fire Belt: North Klondike Highway pdf2.7 MB

wildlife viewing menu




Wildlife in Whitehorse cover

Wildlife in Whitehorse: A Guide to Our Natural Areas pdf1 MB
Highlights some of Whitehorse’s best wildlife viewing and nature appreciation sites. 15 sites are featured. Includes colour photos and maps. Also available in French and German.

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Faro Wildlife Thumbnail

Viewing Wildlife in Faro pdf0.3 MB
A description of wildlife viewing sites in the Faro region. Includes map PDF File[269 KB] and photos. Also available in German.

Van Gorder Falls Trail

Van Gorder Falls Trail pdf 0.9 MB
An interpretive trail guide to this 3-km return trail in Faro describing plant, bird, and insect life, as well as the impact of fire and geology. Includes map and illustrations.

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Exploring Keno Hill cover

Exploring Keno Hill: Stories of a Silver Deposit pdf5 MB
A interpretive guide to the trails of Keno, with information on the area's First Nation and mining history, glaciation, geology and wildlife. Out of print.


Viewing Alpine Wildlife on Keno Hill pdf 0.5 MB
A description of the birds, butterflies, wildflowers and mammals that can be observed on Keno Hill on the Silver Trail. Includes colour photos.

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Watson Lake


Wye Lake Wildlife Viewing Booklet Thumbnail

Viewing Wildlife at Wye Lake pdf3.6 MB
An introduction to wildlife viewing opportunities in the heart of the town of Watson Lake. Provides a trail map around the lake and wildlife viewing tips.

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Naturally Carcross Thumbnail

Naturally Carcross PDF3 MB
An introduction to wildlife viewing opportunities around the town of Carcross. Includes dune hiking trail map and wildlife hotspots map along the South Klondike Highway and Tagish Road.

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