Trapping Licences and Concessions

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You must have a valid annual trapping licence or assistant trapper licence to trap in the Yukon.


Licence Fees

Trapping Licence
Assistant Trapper Licence
Senior Citizens
Members of a Group Trapping Area
Duplicate Copy


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License Requirements

Trapping Licence

To be eligible for a trapping licence you must hold a trapping concession and meet the requirements applying to concession holders.

Assistant Trapper Licence

An assistant trapper licence may be issued to a qualified person at the request of the trapping concession holder(s).

An assistant trapper licence may also be cancelled at the request of the concession holder(s).

To be eligible for an assistant trapper licence you must:

Cancelling an Assistant Trapper Licence

A trapping concession holder can cancel an assistant trapper licence by completing a form available at Environment Yukon offices and submitting it to a Conservation Officer. The cancellation will take effect 10 days after the Conservation Officer notifies the assistant trapper.

Residency Requirements

Yukon residents who maintain a home and family in Yukon and who file their taxes in Yukon but who must leave the territory for work, to attend school or for medical reasons can apply for a trapping licence or assistant trapper licence by completing a Residency Exemption form.

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Trapping Concessions

Concession Fees

Probationary Concession, or renewal
Full Term Concession,
or renewal
Group Area Concession


You can hold only one trapping concession at a time. Trapping concessions may be granted to a partnership or a group if all members are qualified.


To be eligible for a trapping concession you must:

Probationary Concession

Full Term Concession

Concession Cancellations and Non-Renewals

A concession may be cancelled or not renewed if:

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