Permit hunt in Yukon

2016 updated permit hunt lottery results

This season there was a total of 246 permit hunt opportunities available. The permit hunt draw establishes a priority list based on hunters’ weighting, which is determined by application history and species choice. Applicants could choose to apply solely to increase their weighting in future draws. This option was selected by 263 applicants this year.

Seventy-three successful applicants declined their permit as per the PHA process. Forty-four permits were re-assigned according to the priority list, while 18 were again declined and 11 hunters did not respond. This resulted in 29 permits not assigned this year.

Permit hunt authorization (PHA)

Permit hunts are used to manage overall species population numbers and improve hunt quality. Environment Yukon uses a computerized lottery system that randomly selects applicant names to fairly allocate PHAs to licensed Yukon residents.

PHA applications were available at any Environment Yukon office starting on May 9, 2016. This year, the deadline was June 10 at end of business hours at your local Environment Yukon office.

You must hold a PHA if you want to hunt moose, caribou, sheep, goat, deer or elk in a permit area. Please refer to your hunting regulations summary for season dates and bag limits for each species in each of Yukon's 11 Game Management Zones. Remember: holding a permit is not a guarantee of hunting success.

How the PHA lottery works

The PHA application form has a box you can check to indicate that you are applying for a permit only to increase your weighting in future years.

If your name is drawn, no permit is issued, but your name will be weighted as if you had received and then returned a permit. This allows permits to be reassigned in a more timely manner.

If your name is drawn, and you decide not use your PHA permit, it can be returned within 10 days of the date it was mailed. Your name will be weighted in future draws as though you were unsuccessful in this year’s draw.

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