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Yukon Hunting Regulations

Alex Van Bibber

Alex Van Bibber, photo by Kelly Hougen


2015-16 Hunting Regulations Summary


Regulation changes will help moose and caribou populations recover

The Government of Yukon recently amended the territory’s Wildlife Regulation. (YG News Release) All of the new rules will be in the 2015-16 Hunting Regulations Summary as well as the Permit Hunt Authorization Data Sheet 2015. The following changes took effect April 23, 2015 unless otherwise noted:

  1. Help Faro-area moose population recover – A threshold hunt is now in place that requires harvest reports within 72 hours with immediate closure once the limit is met. Special guiding will no longer be allowed.
  2. Protect Itsi mountain goat population – A permit hunt is now in place because the population of mountain goats in the Itsi Range is far too small to support an open hunt at this time.
  3. Update rules for Fortymile caribou – Several additional subzones have been added to reflect the range of the Fortymile caribou herd. As well, in future the Minister will address hunting opportunities by establishing season dates and issuing permits when necessary.
  4. Remove Dempster no-hunting corridor – The Dempster Highway 500-metre no-hunting corridor regulation has not been enforced for five or more years.
  5. Remove Dempster hunting closure – The one-week closure, intended to let the herd leaders cross the Dempster Highway unhindered by hunting, has not been enforced for five or more years and is now removed.
  6. Remove north Alaska Highway no-hunting corridor – The corridor is no longer needed to mitigate the impact of Shakwak project workers and will be removed effective August 1, 2015.

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Hunter Check Stops Are Back

You may encounter a hunter check stop while travelling on Yukon roads and highways during spring bear hunting season (April 15-June 21). Conservation Officers use these check stops to collect information used for wildlife management and to ensure hunters are complying with the Wildlife Act and regulations. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Special Guide Licences

Environment Yukon has issued the 100 special guide licences available for 2015-16. Licences were available on a first-come first served basis; the last licence was sold shortly after 11 a.m. on April 1.

Special guide hunting is authorized in all Game Management Subzones where hunting is permitted for the applicable species with the following exceptions:

For more information about Special Guide Licences refer to pp. 17-18 of the 2014-15 Hunting Regulations Summary.

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Ross River Dena Council court action

On July 31, 2014, the Ross River Dena Council filed a Statement of Claim seeking a declaration that the Yukon government has a duty to consult prior to issuing hunting licences and seals for hunting big game animals in its traditional territory surrounding Ross River and Faro. While this claim does not appear to affect this year’s hunting season, hunters should be aware of it. For more details, read the Statement by the Minister of Environment.

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