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Kathy Pritchard and Dawsyn Remillard, photo by Collin Remillard


2016-17 Hunting Regulations Summary

Important changes for 2016-17

  1. Help Faro-area moose population recoverA threshold hunt is now in place for this area. It requires harvest reports within 72 hours and an immediate closure once the 15-moose limit is met. Special guiding is no longer allowed in this area.
  2. Motorized vehicles allowed for retrieving harvested bison – The use of motorized vehicles is now permitted for retrieval and transport of harvested bison within the three-kilometre area adjacent to the Alaska Highway in Game Management Subzone 5-38.

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Faro moose threshold hunt

**Harvest limit has been reached. Moose hunting is now closed for GMS 4-44 to 4-46.**

A harvest limit of 15 moose has been set for GMS 4-44 to 4-46. The season will be closed to licensed moose hunting once the limit has been reached. Hunters must report their harvest within 72 hours. Environment Yukon will process these reports as they are received.

This web page will be updated regularly to reflect the harvest number. For more information about the threshold hunt please refer to page 37 of the 2016-17 Hunting Regulations Summary.

Moose harvested as of October 5, 2016: 15

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Ross River Dena Council court action

The Yukon Supreme Court on Nov. 26, 2015, found that the Yukon government had "substantially consulted and accommodated the Ross River Dena Council" with respect to wildlife management in the area. (Court Decision)

The Decision was in response to the Statement of Claim filed on July 31, 2014, by the RRDC seeking a declaration that the Yukon government has a duty to consult prior to issuing hunting licences and seals for hunting big game animals in its traditional territory surrounding Ross River and Faro.

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