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Yukon Hunting Regulations


Yukon government photo

Hunter check stops are back

You may encounter a hunter check stop while travelling on Yukon roads and highways during the big game hunting season. Conservation Officers use these check stops to collect information used for wildlife management and to ensure hunters are complying with the Wildlife Act and regulations. Thank you for your cooperation.


2013-14 Hunting Regulations Summary Booklet
Next edition will be out before July 2014

Game Management Areas Map

Special Guiding Maps

Hunting Licence Vendors icon image - this is a pdf file15 KB

Obtaining a Special Guide Licence in 2014-15

Environment Yukon issues a limit of 100 special guide licences per year, so plan ahead to make sure that you get one by reading this FAQ on obtaining a special licence.

Important Changes for 2013-14

Bison Harvest Reporting Time Extended and Seal Fees Reduced
Bison hunters now have a maximum of 10 days after they harvest a bison to report their kill from the time the animal was killed. Bison seal fees have been reduced to $10.

New Rules Regarding the Import of Cervid (Deer, Moose, Elk,
Caribou) Carcasses

To help keep Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) out of Yukon, it is now illegal to import a whole cervid carcass or portions of a carcass except edible meat (detached from the head and backbone) or specific trophy portions. (See page 7 of the Hunting Regulations.) This new rule is to keep out body parts of cervids that could spread CWD to Yukon. Cervids harvested in NWT and the northern hunting zones of B.C. are exempt from this restriction.

Elk Permit Simplified

To simplify the paperwork for elk hunters, a single elk permit has been created. For PHA elk permit holders, the same permit also allows you to hunt in the exclusion area. Elk hunters with an exclusion area permit will have an elk permit with only the exclusion area box checked off.

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