Yukon hunting regulations

Michelle Dawson Beattie

Michelle Dawson Beattie, photo by Mickey Beattie

2017-18 Yukon Hunting Regulations Summary


The web version of the Yukon Hunting Regulations Summary now includes clickable cross-references to help with navigation.


Print copies will be available from Environment offices later in July.

Important changes for 2017-18

The following regulations come into effect August 1, 2017:

Faro moose threshold hunt

**Moose hunting is now closed for Game Management Subzones 4-44 to 4-46. Moose hunting opens for these subzones on August 1.**

A harvest limit of 15 moose has been set for GMS 4-44 to 4-46. The season will be closed to licensed moose hunting once the limit has been reached. Hunters must report their harvest within 72 hours. The Department of Environment will process these reports as they are received.

This web page will be updated regularly to reflect the harvest number. For more information about the threshold hunt please refer to page 37 of the 2017-18 Yukon Hunting Regulations Summary.

Moose harvested as of October 5, 2016: 15

Migratory game bird hunting regulations

Regulations for hunting migratory game birds (ducks, geese, rails, coots, sandhill cranes and snipe) in Yukon are available from the Environment and Climate Change Canada website.

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