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You must have a valid hunting licence to hunt in the Yukon. The licence year runs from April 1 to March 31.


You can now get a hunting eLicence at any Environment office. eLicences are computer-generated, rather than hand-written on paper.

You will notice that your eLicence incorporates your licence, seal numbers, and permits on the same document. With a hunting eLicence, you can also apply for a PHA and submit your harvest reports online.


When you obtain an eLicence, you will be issued an Environment ID. This number identifies you as a client for all of your hunting, angling and camping information.

You can log in to your Environment ID, and view your client profile, at any time at www.env.gov.yk.ca/eservices.

All personal information associated with your Environment ID and eLicences is confidential and respected as per provisions in the Accesses to Information and Privacy Protection (ATIPP) Act.

eLicensing does not change or alter the privileges or requirements for obtaining Yukon hunting or angling licenses, or annual camping permits.


Licence fees (GST extra)

Big game and small game
Yukon resident $10
Non-resident Canadian $75
Non-resident alien $150
Trapping concession holder $5
First Nations or Inuit Free
Yukon resident - 65 years or older Free
Small game only
Yukon resident


Hunting Licence Vendors


You may obtain only one hunting licence of the same type during any licensing year unless your licence is lost or destroyed. You must carry your licence. You must sign your licence, carry it with you when hunting, and produce it when asked to do so by a Conservation Officer or RCMP Officer. You will also need to produce your licence when obtaining big game seals.

Yukon residents

A Yukon resident is defined as a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant whose main residence has been in the Yukon for at least 12 months before applying for a licence, and who has been physically present in the Yukon for at least 185 days during that period.

A residency exemption declaration form is available for residents who maintain their principal residence here, but who must leave the territory for work, to attend school or for medical reasons. Residency Exemption forms are available at all Environment Yukon offices.

You cannot hold resident hunting licences in two jurisdictions. It is unlawful to apply for or obtain a Yukon resident hunting licence if you hold a valid resident hunting licence in another jurisdiction.

If you are applying for a Yukon resident licence for the first time, or if you did not obtain a licence in the previous year, you must complete a “Statutory Declaration” in person at an Environment Yukon office. Please bring your Yukon driver’s licence as proof of residency. For more information, refer to page 4 of the 2017-18 Hunting Regulations Summary.

Small game and game birds

A small game licence entitles you to hunt snowshoe hare, arctic ground squirrel, porcupine, grouse and ptarmigan. Marmots, woodchucks and all other small mammals and birds (except those noted in the migratory bird regulations) are protected.

Migratory birds

It is unlawful to hunt migratory birds without a federal migratory game bird permit and a Yukon small game or big game hunting licence. The federal permit is available at post offices along with the regulations describing legal species and bag limits. For information on seasons and bag and possession limits for ducks, geese, rails, coots, sandhill cranes and snipe, see the Environment Canada website here. All other migratory birds are protected from hunting.


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