Humane Trapping Standards and Certified Traps

The Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) sets minimum standards for the humane trapping of 19 species of furbearers, including nine Yukon species: beaver, coyote, ermine/weasel, fisher, lynx, marten, muskrat, otter and wolf.


In Canada, the AIHTS is being implemented in phases:


Certified Traps

In Canada, the trap testing program is administered by the Fur Institute of Canada (FIC), but it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to have their traps certified. When a trap model is certified, the manufacturer will stamp the certification number on all new traps of that make and model. Identical traps (same make and model) manufactured before certification and which have not been modified are legal to use.

Trappers buying new traps for any species should consult the complete list of certified traps on the Fur Institute of Canada website . It names those traps that have already been certified for species that will be regulated in the future.

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