Spill Reporting and Cleanup

Spills happen in all shapes and sizes - report 'em!

Spills unfortunately do happen. When hazardous substances such as fuel oil are spilled, the environment and public health can be harmed if action is not taken immediately.

Report spills at any time to the Yukon Spill Line, at 867-667-7244.  Anyone can report a spill. Collect calls are accepted — this line is monitored 24/7.

In Yukon, the federal, territorial and municipal governments work together on spill response.  How we respond depends on the circumstances of the spill.  The process is set out in the Interagency Spills Agreement, Part 11 of the Environment Act, and the Spills Regulations.

When A Spill Occurs

Take these steps immediately after you identify a spill:

  1. Report the spill --> 867-667-7244
  2. Notify the owner or person in charge of the spilled substance and any person who may be adversely affected by the spill.
  3. If you are responsible for the spill, take all reasonable measures to confine the spill.
  4. If you are responsible for the spill, restore the site to the same condition that it was in before the spill.

Remediation of a spill site must be conducted in accordance with the Contaminated Sites Regulation and the protocols adopted under it. For more information, refer to Environment Yukon's Cleaning Up Contaminated Sites webpage.

Last Resort

If the person responsible for the spill does not attempt to confine the spill or to restore the site, an Environmental Protection Officer has the authority to order the responsible person to take action.

If the responsible person still does not act, the Environmental Protection Officer has the authority to ensure that the site is cleaned up, and any costs incurred will be billed to the person responsible for the spill.


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Report spills to the Yukon Spill Report Line

Phone: 867-667-7244

24 hours, collect calls accepted

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