Spay-Neuter Program Evaluation


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The Department of Environment is conducting an evaluation of the spay-neuter voucher project. The evaluation is targeting people who played a part in supporting, funding or administering the pilot project, e.g., veterinarians, local governments.

The evaluation began in August and the findings will help inform any improvements that might be implemented for the start of the next fiscal year (April, 2016).

Initial findings from the evaluation were released October 16, 2015. To provide feedback on the spay and neuter voucher project, please call or email the Animal Health Unit.

Pilot project summary

The spay-neuter pilot project was administered through Humane Society Yukon. Vouchers were provided to eligible applicants to partially offset the cost of spay-neuter surgery for dogs and cats.

The project was open to Yukon residents who live outside of Whitehorse and to low-income Whitehorse residents. While the project was suspended pending the results of the evaluation, it has been re-instated until the end of March 2016 and will be administered by the Humane Society Yukon during that time. Availability of vouchers will still depend on support from the local municipal and/or First Nation government.

The Government of Yukon invested $30,000 in the 2013-14 pilot project as well as the same amount in 2014-15. This subsidized the sterilization of 216 dogs and 27 cats. Following the transfer of the Animal Protection Program to the Department of Environment earlier this year, the spay and neuter program is now overseen by the government’s Chief Veterinary Officer.

Evaluation summary

The Department of Environment's Animal Health Unit completed an evaluation of the spay-neuter pilot project in March, 2016. The pilot project was evaluated to determine whether it was addressing community concerns about unwanted dogs and cat populations and what changes, if any, would improve the delivery of the program.

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