Proposing a Project For Y2C2

As in the past, we offer you supervised crews of 4-5 students equipped with transportation, basic tools and skills to work on a variety of projects in your community. We will also continue our popular Green Team program, and hire several post-secondary students to work on projects that don't require a full crew. These Y2C2 Green Team Special Projects Workers work individually or in pairs, and have greater capacity to work on specialized projects like surveys, research and environmental monitoring. The same project eligibility rules apply.


Any Yukon individual, municipality or other local government, non-profit organization, First Nation or government department may apply. Private (for-profit) interests are not eligible unless it can be shown the project has significant community benefits and support. Projects must be carried out in the Yukon.



Any project that has some kind of conservation or environmental focus, especially those that give student workers career-related learning and skills development. Examples include habitat enhancement, recycling, environmental education, clean-ups, heritage restoration, outdoor recreation, and research.

What is the ideal Y2C2 project?

The ideal Y2C2 project is conservation or environment-related, and offers significant opportunities for the student workers to gain new career-related knowledge and skills. The project has long-lasting benefits, is well-organized, and the goals and objectives are clear. A great project also has sponsors that are enthusiastic and involved with the students.

How are projects selected?

Proposals are reviewed by a committee of people from various government departments. Projects are selected based on:

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Y2C2 Project Process


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