Cougar Safety

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Although cougars are a rare species in Yukon, reports of sightings are made every year to Conservation Officers. While there have never been any confirmed reports of cougars stalking or attacking humans in the territory, you should be mindful about what to do if you encounter a cougar, just as you would with other wildlife in the hinterland.

What to do if you encounter a cougar

Children and cougars

Cougars seldom stalk children. However, children can be at risk due to their small size and the noise they make. If there is a cougar in the immediate area, keep your children close at hand.

Pets and cougars

Household pets are easy prey for cougars. Keep pets in a fenced area and bring them in at night if there is a cougar in the area. If pets must be kept outside then put them in a secure kennel. Dogs should be kept on a leash when walking trails or left at home.

Report all incidents and sightings

If you have an encounter or see a cougar, report the incident to the Conservation Officer Services TIPP line by calling 1-800-661-0525.


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Conservation Officer Services

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Phone (Whitehorse): 867-667-8005
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