Permitting System Under the Environment Act

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The Government of Yukon has updated the approach taken in the Enviornment Act's regulations towards permits. The Permit Term, Fee and Technical Review Amendment Regulation was approved on Aug. 13, 2014.

A summary of the feedback received during the public review of proposed changes held in 2013 was published in November 2013.

Updates To the Permitting Regime

There are three key changes to how permits are dealt with:

No application fees… to make it easier to apply for a permit and enhance compliance,

Longer permit durations… a maximum of 10 years, with different terms for different types of activities, and

Formalized approach to cost recovery for technical reviews … so that proponents of large or complex projects cover all costs associated with a technical review of their permit applications.

For further information refer to these fact sheets:

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Permitting System Background

Permits are an effective tool to ensure that all proponents are meeting their environmental responsibilities. Each permit contains conditions designed to protect human health and the environment. Inspectors monitor and enforce compliance with the conditions.

There are eight regulations under the Environment Act which require permits to undertake certain activities:

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