Environmental Awareness Fund

Helping you help others learn about our environment

Environment Yukon manages the preservation and maintenance of a biologically diverse natural environment and the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources. We can’t do it alone and that’s why we created the Environmental Awareness Fund.

The $30,000 Environmental Awareness Fund supports the efforts of groups and clubs to educate the public about Yukon’s natural environment, promote conservation and biodiversity, and encourage sustainable use of fish, wildlife and their habitat.

Who can apply

Registered non-government organizations

What can be funded

Educational camps, brochures, surveys, video productions, public lectures, and similar kinds of activities

How much is available

The maximum funding available for any project is $5,000

Deadline for applications Applications will be accepted for 2018-19 until April 13, 2018


The contact person is Roxanne Stasyszyn. She can be reached at 456-6794 or roxanne.stasyszyn@gov.yk.ca.

The deadline for final reports for 2017-18 projects is March 15, 2018.

Funds are provided through a contribution agreement and will be subject to certain terms and conditions. Drop off your completed application at 10 Burns Road, Whitehorse. You can also email, fax or send your application by post. (We recommend that you call our office at 667-4477 to confirm receipt.)


Additional resources


Contact Client Services

Phone: 867-667-5652
Toll-free (in Yukon, NWT & Nunavut):
1-800-661-0408 ext. 5652
Fax: 867-393-7197

Email: environmentyukon@gov.yk.ca
Address: Box 2703 (V-3A) Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Y1A 2C6