Dempster Highway Development Permit

To ensure the protection of this delicate ecosystem, a free permit is required prior to development and off-road motorized vehicle use (except snowmobiles) within the Dempster Highway corridor.

Dempster Highway corridor area


The Dempster Highway Development Area Regulations control development within a corridor along the Dempster Highway starting from km 68 and continuing north to the NWT border. 

The corridor is 8 km wide on either side of the centreline of the Dempster Highway.

Dempster Highway Development Area Map Thumbnail
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When is a permit required?


Any development or off-road motorized vehicle use of the land (except snowmobiles) within the corridor requires an Authorization under the Area Development Act.

How to apply?

Complete the Dempster Highway Development Area Permit Application Form

(icon image - this is a pdf file121 KB) and submit to the Environmental Affairs Section, Environment Yukon.

The permit is free of cost.

Authorizations are typically reviewed, prepared, and issued within 2 weeks.


Is an environmental assessment required?


The Dempster Authorization on its own does not trigger an environmental assessment under the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act (YESAA).  

An environmental assessment may be required if other legislation is applicable such as a Land Use Permit or a Mining Land Use Permit.


Overlap with Tombstone Territorial Park

You may need a park permit if your development or use of the land also overlaps with Tombstone Territorial Park. Contact Regional Superintendent, Klondike Region, Yukon Parks at 867-993-6850 for more information.


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