About Conservation Area Planning

Sharing ideas at the Kusawa Territorial Park Visioning Event, 2007 - YG Photo

Territorial Park Visioning Event - YG photo

There are several ways to protect areas of natural and cultural importance in Yukon.

Through the Yukon First Nations and Inuvialuit land claims process, many parcels were identified as Special Management Areas in need of management and protection. Most of these Special Management Areas have been subsequently designated as a Territorial Park, Habitat Protection Area, National Park, or National Wildlife Area.

The Government of Yukon can establish Territorial Parks through the Parks and Land Certainty Act, Habitat Protection Areas through the Wildlife Act and Historic Sites through the Historic Resources Act. Federal, First Nation, Inuvialuit, and municipal governments can also protect areas under their respective laws. Canadian Heritage Rivers are a part of a national program to recognise rivers for their natural, recreational or cultural significance, and are managed by various agencies together.

A management plan is developed for each area or site. Once approved, this plan guides management of the area or site by territorial, federal, and/or First Nation governments, as well as other agencies or councils, depending on the area and jurisdiction.

More of these and other types of conservation areas will be established in the years to come as a result of Yukon's regional land use planning process.


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