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Everyone who stays in a Yukon government campground, residents and visitors alike, must have a permit and must self-register each stay on-site.

Yukon residents can now purchase annual campground permits online using Environment Yukon eServices

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All daily campers (non-residents and Yukoners) can:

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On-site permit purchase

Campers can purchase daily campground permits ($12 per night) on-site at Yukon government campgrounds. Here's how:

  1. Choose a vacant campsite, note the campsite number and your vehicle license plate number.
  2. Go to the registration station and fill in the daily permit envelope with the required information.
  3. Place the fee in the envelope, remove the receipt stub, seal the envelope, and place it in the deposit vault.
  4. Fill out the receipt stub and attach it to your site number post.

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Pre-paid permit purchase

You can purchase daily campground permits ($12) in advance of your Yukon government campground stay. Details are available below.

Once you arrive at the campground, register by filling out the permit, depositing the stub into the vault and attaching the receipt to your site number post.

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Resident Annual Campground Permit

Yukon residents have the additional option of purchasing an annual campground permit ($50). If you plan to camp for more than four nights, this is a great investment. Permits are free for Yukon residents age 65 and older. Non-residents cannot purchase or use annual permits. Annual campground permits can now be purchased online using Environment Yukon eServices.

Annual permit holders are still required to register in the same manner as any other camper (minus the fee) so that Yukon Parks can gather visitation and traffic volume information.

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Where to purchase camping permits

Camping Permits can be purchased at any Environment Yukon or Conservation Officer Services office in the Territory. Daily permits are $12, and annual permits are $50.

In advance of your Yukon government campground stay, you can purchase Camping Permits at highway lodges, gas stations, retail stores, in liquor stores in communities outside Whitehorse. You'll find a complete list of Campground Permit vendors on our Licensed Vendors page.

Please note that to purchase an annual pass you will need to prove your residency by providing your vehicle plate number.

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Contact Yukon Parks

Phone: 867-667-5648
Park Officers: 867-456-3974
Toll-free (in Yukon, NWT & Nunavut):
1-800-661-0408 ext. 5648
Fax: 867-393-6223
Email: yukon.parks@gov.yk.ca
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