Invasive species in Yukon

Invasive plants and animals are the second greatest threat to biodiversity in Yukon after habitat loss. In other North American jurisdictions, many invasive plants are responsible for habitat damage, loss of subsistence resources, and economic loss.

Invasive species are defined as organisms (plant, animal, fungus, or bacterium) that are not native and has negative effects on a region's economy, environment, or public health. Not all introduced species are invasive.

There are 154 introduced plant species in Yukon. Only 20 are considered invasive. We have no known invasive animals. However, we do have introduced animal species that call Yukon home including feral horses, feral cats, House Mice, House sparrows, Rock Pigeons, Three-spined Stickleback and Goldfish. There may also be introduced insect species here, like the Striped Alder Sawfly (Hemichroa crocea).

Yukon Invasive Species Council

The Yukon Invasive Species Council is a group working to address the threats posed by invasive species through prevention, early detection and rapid response, control and management, research and education.
Council members come from different governments, industry, and the public.

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