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The Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan

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The Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan was released on June 11, 2014. It’s a big-picture plan with six priorities for maintaining the quality, quantity and health of Yukon water for both nature and people. It provides a comprehensive approach for making decisions about water in Yukon and is aimed at what we ultimately want of water, not necessarily specific uses of water. The Yukon government will be spending an additional $3.35 million dollars over three years to implement the strategy.



Water Strategy Goals

Water for Nature - Preserve water quality and quantity for aquatic and terrestrial health and ecosystem services and respect the intrinsic value of water, and

Water for People - Ensure accessible, safe and sufficient water for drinking and other purposes, including industrial, recreational, heritage, cultural and spiritual uses and values. Promote sustainable and wise use of water for communities and key business sectors.


Water Strategy Priorities

The strategy has six priorities for achieving the goals. Work already underway is provided with each priority, along with new actions:

Better understand and manage Yukon’s groundwater regime

  • Enhance and formalize the existing groundwater program in Yukon, and
  • Develop a regulatory framework to manage groundwater.

Maintain/improve access to safe drinking water

  • Foster stronger working relationships with other governments and agencies involved with drinking water sources in Yukon,
  • Enhance opportunities for education, training and access to information,
  • Evaluate drinking water use and efficiency, and
  • Ensure regulatory programs meet public need for safe drinking water.

Promote the sustainable use of water

  • Provide further guidance and adivce to water users

Improve the sharing of information about Yukon’s water

  • Improve communication, education and outreach regarding Yukon’s water, and
  • Enhance tools for sharing water information with the public.

Improve water management programs

  • Enhance co-operation, co-ordination and collaboration with other water managers, and
  • Strengthen our water management capabilities.

Plan for water needs now and in the future

  • Ensure adequate water monitoring across the territory, and
  • Enhance the use of best available science, traditional and local knowledge in decision-making.


How the Water Strategy was developed

The strategy was developed with input from Yukoners. A draft version of the strategy was circulated for public review in 2013. In developing the strategy, the involvement of other governments and agencies which manage or advocate for the protection of water resources helped ensure the final strategy respects the diverse values and interests regarding water in Yukon.


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