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Water Inspections Unit

The Yukon Water Board is responsible for issuing water licences for water use and the deposit of waste.

The primary duty of the Water Inspections Section is to monitor and enforce compliance with the Waters Act and Regulations.  This includes identifying concerns with project descriptions submitted for environmental assessment, as well recommending water use licence operating conditions, and monitoring and promoting compliance with those licences.

Water Inspectors conduct inspections on both licensed and unlicensed undertakings which are classified under seven types:

  1. Industrial
  2. Municipal
  3. Hydroelectric
  4. Agriculture
  5. Conservation
  6. Recreational
  7. Miscellaneous (e.g. bridges, culverts, pipeline crossings)

Spill response

Water Inspectors work jointly with the Standards and Approvals Section of the Environmental Programs branch to investigate spills on or affecting water. Visit the Spill Reporting page for more information on the steps taken to report a spill.

Information bulletins

thubmnail - waters act fact sheet

Fact Sheet: Waters Act Requirements for Proposed Flood Protection Work icon image - this is a pdf file 33 KB

View our Fact Sheet which sets out Waters Act requirements for Yukon residents who plan on doing works related to wartercourse training or flood protection.

Information Bulletin - camps & lodges

Information Bulletin: Approvals required for a camp or lodge sewage disposal system pdf document icon171 KB

This information bulletin is intended to clarify when a camp or lodge facility will require either a water licence or a sewage disposal permit(s).

For information on oil-water separators, view the Environment Yukon's Hazardous Waste page.

Water use licences for placer mining projects

Water Use Licences for placer mining projects are monitored by Department of Energy, Mines & Resources Mining Inspectors. The licensing process is conducted by the Yukon Water Board.

Wastewater effluent system reporting

As of November 27, 2014, the wastewater treatment systems in Haines Junction, Whitehorse and Dawson City report under a single regulatory regime rather than two. Yukon is the first jurisdiction in Canada to finalize an equivalency arrangement under the federal Fisheries Act, using national standards for treated wastewater effluent.

The agreement requires the Yukon government to provide annual reports to Canada with information on the administration and enforcement of the territorial provisions applicable to wastewater systems, as well as written notification of any amendments to those provisions. The agreement affects systems that treat (or are designed to treat) 100,000 litres/day annual average or more of effluent.

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