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Storage Tank Regulation Guide

When storage tanks leak, their contents can harm the environment and pose a threat to public health.

Storage Tank Regulations were passed in 1997 to ensure that new tanks do not create more problems. The regulations set requirements for storing hazardous substances including petroleum products, and for keeping records of certain products.

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The Law

Yukon's Storage Tank Regulations apply to tanks on private property and Yukon Government land. Storage tanks on federal land are not subject to these regulations, but are regulated under federal law.

The Regulations apply to new or altered tanks located both above and below the ground. They also specify that tanks must be removed when they are of no further use or have been out of service for a year.

The need for a permit depends upon the exact size of the tank, what substance it will hold, and whether it will be installed above or below ground. If you are installing or building a storage tank in the Yukon, find out whether a permit is required. The following information outlines the requirements.

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When is a permit required?

Underground Storage Tanks

Aboveground Storage Tanks

Permits are required if the tank, or a system of connected tanks:

Out-of-Use Storage Tanks

Permits are not needed for:

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National Standards

Certain other national standards apply, regardless of whether or not a permit is required. These include:

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Keeping Records

The best way to detect a leaking tank quickly is by keeping track of what goes into and out of the tank. Inventory records must be kept for:

If shortages are discovered through inventory record keeping, tests will be required to determine the exact cause of the shortages (e.g. a leaking tank).

The Environment Act (s.121) lays out requirements for contingency plans (what to do in case of a spill) or for further site investigations or clean-up.

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Important note: The permitting system under the Environment Act was updated in 2014. For more information review the Permitting System web page.


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Permit application forms

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Additional resources

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