Managing pests and pesticides


Pesticide regulation guide

Pesticides are an undeniable part of modern life, used to protect everything from flower gardens to agricultural crops from specific pests. Although pesticides are now commonplace, concerns still exist about their safety and proper use.

Pesticides can be used safely and effectively. But if proper care is not taken, pesticides can harm the environment by contaminating soil, surface and ground water. They can also kill wildlife.

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The Law

The federal government closely regulates pesticide products, which are stringently tested for their impact on human health and the environment. Federal regulations require that pesticides can only be used for the purposes described on the product label.

Once pesticides are on the market, care still must be taken to use them properly, and that is where the Pesticide Regulations under the Yukon Environment Act come into play.

Passed in 1994, the Pesticide Regulations address the proper storage, handling and use of pesticides. They are intended to prevent pesticides from contaminating the soil, water and air, and to protect food sources, humans, and valuable plants and animals from exposure to pesticides.


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Pesticide classifications

The federal Pest Control Products Act divides pesticides into three categories based on their intended use: domestic, commercial or restricted. The territorial pesticide regulations use these same categories.

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If you are planning to control pests in your own house or garden with a product normally used for that purpose, you probably do not need a permit. In other cases, the regulations are complex, and you should check first whether a permit is needed.

For example, you might need a permit when working near an open body of water, or applying pesticides from an aircraft. You definitely need a permit if you are not an agricultural user, and want to use or apply a commercial or restricted pesticide. Also please note that federal regulations ban using certain dangerous pesticides in the Yukon.

Domestic (Household) Users


Farmers require permits for using pesticides on their own land only when:

Commercial Users (Non-Agricultural) must have:

Vendors must have:

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Important note: The permitting system under the Environment Act was updated in 2014. For more information review the Permitting System web page.


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Permit application forms

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Additional resources

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