Contaminated sites

The Contaminated Site Regulation establishes cleanup standards, processes for identifying, investigating and assessing contaminated sites, and permits for managing contaminated material within Yukon.

Work at contaminated sites in the Yukon is subject to the Contaminated Sites Regulation and the protocols established under it.

Important note: The permitting system under the Environment Act was updated in 2014. For more information see the Permitting System web page.


Site assessment processes

A two step process is normally used to determine whether contamination exists at a site:

Site Investigation (or Phase I Assessment)

Site Assessment (or Phase II Assessment)

Have you prepared/received a site investigation or assessment report?

Contact Environmental Programs to have the report reviewed. We will help determine if the work was done properly, and provide you with comments on the report's recommendations.

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Cleaning up contaminated sites

Once a site is determined to be contaminated, the contaminants should be removed or contained to reduce the risk to human health and the environment.

Material contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons is typically removed from a site and taken to a land treatment facility (LTF), where it is treated to remove the contaminants. Please contact the Environmental Programs Branch for a list of commercial land treatment facilities in Yukon. For guidance on treatment and disposal options for other types of contamination, please contact Environmental Programs.

Once cleanup is complete, confirmatory sampling is required to demonstrate that the site is no longer contaminated. In some cases, ongoing monitoring may be required to confirm that risk management measures are working as intended.

For more information on the cleanup of contaminated sites see the Regulation, Protocols, and Info Sheets and Guidance.

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Reporting contaminated sites

Environment Yukon can provide advice on how to deal with site contamination, and can assist land owners, vendors and purchasers in reviewing reports of contamination or cleanup. Contact Environmental Programs for assistance.

To report a suspected contaminated site, contact Environmental Programs or your local Conservation Officer, or call the Turn In Polluters Hotline at 1-800-661-0525.

To report a spill of hazardous materials, please call the 24-hour Yukon Spill Report Centre at (867) 667-7244 (collect calls accepted).

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Public registry of contaminated sites

Environment Yukon maintains information on reported contaminated sites and spills in the Yukon. Contact Environmental Programs for information on a specific site.

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Permit applications and reporting forms

Under the Contaminated Sites Regulation the following permits are required for these activities:

Relocation Permit
Required to move contaminated material from one site to another.

Land Treatment Facility Permit
Required to construct or operate a facility to treat contaminated materials.

Risk-based Restoration Permit
Required to apply risk-based restoration standards at a contaminated site.

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Information sheets and guidance

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