Climate change adaptation

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Yukon climate change adaptation information notes

Communities across Yukon are working to adapt to our changing climate. The information notes below describe the work that is being done across the territory to enhance our knowledge about climate change and respond to current and future climate change impacts.

By sharing these information notes, governments, community decision-makers and researchers, can benefit from new ideas relevant to northern communities and environments to strengthen adaptation efforts in all arenas.

Adaptation Exchange Web Portal pdf icon642 KB

Sharing knowledge to help communities enhance their ability to adapt to climate change.

Climate Change and Public Health pdf document icon 649 KB

Advancing Yukon’s understanding of health implications associated with climate change.

Cost of Adaptation for a Winter Road pdf icon 204 KB

Economic implications of climate change adaptation for mine access roads.

Energy Sector Case Studies pdf icon 642 KB

Evaluating opportunities to integrate adaptation and mitigation programs into the energy sector.

Highways, Hydrology and Climate Change pdf icon 645 KB

Assessing the water-related effects of climate change on Yukon’s northern highways.

Infrastructure and Permafrost Thaw pdf icon 671 KB

Conducting a risk assessment to understand how thawing permafrost will impact key buildings in Ross River, Yukon.

Mainstreaming Climate Change pdf icon648 KB

Integrating climate change considerations into decision-making in Yukon.

Mapping Landscape Hazards pdf icon645 KB

Using geoscience mapping to identify hazard risks in a changing climate.

Permafrost Monitoring and Transportation Infrastructure  pdf icon 635 KB

Assessing the effects of permafrost response to climate warming on transportation infrastructure in Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Temperature Trends and Energy Demand pdf icon 627 KB

Evaluating the influence of climate change on energy demand to assess future strategies for energy market transformation.

Thawin Permafrost and Highways pdf icon560 KB Film Available

Determining the vulnerability of the North Alaska Highway to permafrost thaw

Mountain Pine Beetle pdf icon511 KB Film Available

The mountain pine beetle in novel habitats: predicting impacts to northern forests in a warming environment

Ecosystem Models pdf icon474 KB Film Available

Using bioclimate ecosystem models ot interpret the effects of climate change on Yukon

Flood Risk Mapping pdf icon539 KB Film Available

Using LIDAR imagery to help predict Yukon community flood risks

Forest Vulnerabilities pdf icon294 KB Film Available

Examining forest vulnerabilities to climate change and developing resilience enhancement strategies through long-term community partnerships in Yukon

Agriculture and Permafrost pdf icon510 KB
Effects of changing permafrost conditions on agriculture and agriculture capability classification in Yukon

Hydrology pdf icon455 KB

Examining how changing temperatures, precipitation and permafrost thaw affect Yukon hydrology
Pan-Territorial Permafrost Workshop 2013 pdf icon560 KB
The 2013 Pan-Territorial Permafrost Workshop discussed the impacts of climate change on permafrost and how to identify opportunities to reduce these impacts

Complete collection of the information notes in one document with updated information about new and ongoing projects. Also available in French.


These information notes, and others from Nunavut and Northwest Territories, were created as a result of commitments set out in the Pan-Territorial Adaptation Strategy, 2011.

The strategy acknowledges that the North needs to build on climate change adaptation knowledge and harness more effective adaptation strategies for immediate and long-term solutions.

Funding for these information notes, and for some of the research projects described in them, comes from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada through its Climate Change Adaptation Program (CCAP).

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